My life's passion and mission is to dedicate my energy to expanding consciousness within myself and others. I am fulfilling this by coaching individuals, couples, and parents to effectuate positive change in their lives and their children’s lives with compassion, clarity, and joy. Understanding my own psyche was the first step on my journey to coaching. I began reading books and attended seminars in personal development  attempting to figure out how I worked. Providing loving support and understanding for my family and friends was my favorite pastime. Just as I was beginning this journey of personal growth, I tragically lost my husband to suicide. We had been partners for 14 years and had built a beautiful family together. My life as I knew it was shattered.

During this time of deep grief and chaos, I came to the understanding within myself that choosing a proactive approach to healing was the only way for my children and me to rebuild our lives. I embarked on a soul searching journey to heal and to fully reengage in life sensing there was something else I was destined to do. This experience in conjunction with my training has translated into a dynamic coaching practice. I have been involved in the field of spiritual psychology for the last 11 years and personal growth and development since 1985.

Since my husband’s death in 1998 I have been focused on rebuilding my life and supporting my children in feeling loved and safe to enjoy the remainder of their childhood and move into adulthood. I faced my grief lovingly head on, built a caring, nurturing, empowering home environment for us, attended numerous experiential seminars, brought my jewelry business to a close, learned to manage my finances and two homes, became a Minister/Transpersonal Counselor through the M.S.I.A. (The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness), and completed my Masters in Spiritual Psychology at the renowned University of Santa Monica. In addition, I volunteered hundreds of hours supporting the University in event and team management and worked with inner city teens in Los Angeles learning and building life skills.

How did I do all of this? How did I pull my life back together after this major trauma? I used what and who I am to move forward in taking the necessary steps with tremendous support. As I was obtaining  any and all outer resources I could find to assist us in healing, I began a deep inner journey. The groups, coaches, therapists, and teachers were all an integral part in facilitating our growth. Their guidance and tools were invaluable. My family and friends were the pillars in our lives giving us the strength and encouragement to keep moving forward. I learned that I did not have to do it alone. My inner life became very rich. I began developing a strong trust for my intuition and inner guidance.
I will share this process with you and teach you what I know. As a result of our work together, you will achieve full integration as opposed to a temporary fix and become masterful at your life.

Julia Frankel, M.A. • Amherst, MA • 310.339.3929 •