Coaching is the ability to gently guide another person as they seek ways to negotiate life situations. I empower my clients with a wide variety of skills and tools to manifest what they want in their lives.  My work is spiritually based working with conscious, dynamic individuals committed to their personal growth and desiring to advance their lives.  My coaching approach is designed to create a shift in your consciousness. This requires the ability to step out of one’s own view point and see the larger picture. You've got all of the ability you need to start making the changes you desire in your life – I simply empower you with the tools and life-changing methodologies to achieve it.

I will assess your life with you to create a strategy to support an accurate reflection of who you are in your life. You will get a clear picture of what is and is not working for you. Once we have established these, I intend to support you, guide you, and share skills and tools with you to come into alignment with your core values and dreams. We will create and devise a strategic step-by-step action plan that suits the areas of your life that you choose to advance.

You will have the opportunity, in a safe environment, to examine who you are at your own pace, in your own way, and in your own timing.  In the process, we will apply specific principles to our work  together which you can take with you to use in all areas of your life, in every interaction, communication, and relationship. You will feel lighter, freer and more empowered in your life. All you need to bring to our sessions is a openness to commit to designing a life that you want.

I will share my approach and teach you what I know, but the true strength and effectiveness of our work is all about you looking inward and creating the life that’s meaningful to you. You decide what you want in your life; I empower you with the life-skills to achieve it.

Julia Frankel, M.A. • Amherst, MA • 310.339.3929 •