Conscious parenting as a practice is guiding, disciplining, and making choices with our children based on what is current not on how we were parented. Parenting today's children based on the past is an ineffective approach in this age of rapid change.  

As our children grow up in the digital age, we must help them be critical consumers which requires parents willing to think out of the box and make new and different choices. We need to provide a safe, trusting, nurturing container for them to make mistakes and grow in while upholding boundaries. I will show you how to  listen with an open mind, be less attached to what they ‘should do or be’ and lovingly support them in their choices. Children are very resilient and can learn and heal quickly to become grounded, secure adults who believe in themselves and their ability to handle what comes forward in their lives.

Another key component to successful parenting is our ability to take care of ourselves emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Do you nurture yourself, take care of yourself, and genuinely like yourself? When we are taking care of our needs and at peace inside, we are more present and available to our children. We are the role models for this behavior.

If you want only the best for your child consider learning the tools to take care of yourself so that you can effectively, consciously take care of them. Learn to discern what is yours and what is your child's and not take it all personally. In addition, you will acquire specific tools for communicating more effectively, making decisions for and with your child, creating balance, boundaries, with loving guidance for your child.

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