“As a coach, Julia showed a remarkable ability to listen and draw out my voice so that I could articulate what I wanted to accomplish. She allowed the process to unfold with a patient, nurturing hand, always trusting that I had the answers I needed.”

–– David Ackert, Executive, Los Angeles  

"I have known Julia sine 1996 when she and I shared creative space as beginning professionals. I watched as she bore the unspeakable pain of the tragic death of her husband with dignity, courage and amazing vulnerability, all the while guiding her children through the same nightmare. Since then, Julia has reshaped her life and given her children back their dreams. Along the way, she's developed life skills and coaching tools that she uses to guide others through the process of creating a new life. I personally call on Julia when confronted with problems of my own and find her incredibly adept at helping me find resolution. I highly recommend and value her expertise."

––Debby, Art Therapist/Sculptor, Newtown, CT

“Julia is such an exceptional woman. Her can-do attitude and approach to life is inspiring to say the least. Knowing some of the life experiences Julia has gone through would give permission for many to become hapless and hopeless. Not only has Julia used these life events for her learning, upliftment, and growth, she has devoted much of her life to service to others as a mother and coach. It is such an honor and privilege to have Julia in my life.”

–– Elaine, Banking Executive, San Francisco

“What a gem you are. Like a diamond, strong, clear, durable and most beautiful!”

–– Anna Penenberg, Mind/Body Practitioner, Los Angeles

"Julia knows how to get to and address the crux of an issue while being straight forward  and gentle. Challenges have less weight to them – she artfully brings levity and compassion into the foreground. She is a masterful coach."

–– Rebecca Nassi, Principal, The Ackert Advisory, Los Angeles

"Julia has been and continues to be an inspiration for me in the way that she walks her talk.  Courage, expansiveness, intuition, caring, and generosity are the qualities that come to mind when I think of her.  She lives life BIG, and what better person to work with!"

–– Tammi Scott, Sales, Colorado

“Many moons ago, I did not believe I had taste or creative sensibilities.  Julia gently dispelled these notions and encouraged me to step into who I am. Today, I have a career where I'm known for creative, innovative ideas (and, I might add, a terrific wardrobe).  These ideas would have been bottled up and never seen the light of day, if not for Julia.”

–– Kelly Colbert, Marketing Executive, NYC

Julia Frankel, M.A. • Amherst, MA • 310.339.3929 • Julia@CoeurAlign.com